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1 Hour & 15 Minutes  

Bring a friend pricing: It is only an additional $20 for the extra person. 


*Total for 2 people $70 for 1 lesson.  





1 Hour & 15 Minutes  x  4

Bring a friend pricing: It is only an additional $20 for the extra person. 

*Total for 2 people $240 for 4 lessons.  





1 Hour & 15 Minutes  x  6

Bring a friend pricing: It is only an additional $20 for the extra person. 


*Total for 2 people $300 for 6 lessons.  




Adults: An overview of both the golf swing mechanics and golf etiquette to help beginners get acclimated to the game and its customs. Special attention to pace of play, care for the course, replacing, sanding and fixing divots. Setting expectations for having fun and enjoying the experience versus playing well, getting frustrated and leaving dissatisfied. 

Children: The age of the child will determine the content of the lesson. If parents want younger children to get some exposure to the game in a comfortable environment where the child can explore the clubs and swing freely, I’m happy to introduce young children to the game. However, for a child to begin the Therapeutic Golf behavioral coaching, he or she must have an ability to effectively communicate and maintain age appropriate dialogue. The first Lesson is typically an overview of the game, how it differs from other sports and how Golf can cultivate skills and methods for self improvement that will last a lifetime. 


Basic swing mechanics, setting expectations, developing patience, managing emotions, identifying negative behaviors, avoiding frustration and embracing the process of improvement. 


Same as the 4 lesson package with the introduction of “compete against yourself” and avoid comparing yourself against others who may have a more advanced skill set. Continue to make progress and celebrate the little wins. Humility goes a long way. 

Therapeutic Golf is designed to help people become the best versions of themselves. Whether it’s emotional management, developing confidence, patience, help with relationships, parenting or any other area for self improvement, Therapeutic Golf seeks to help you become the best version of you while using Golf as a framework. 

For a free consultation please send an email to You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or you can find me on Linkedin. I wish you all the best on your journey.



I met Dan just a few weeks ago, but was really impressed with his passion and desire to help others be the best version of themselves. With Dan’s perspective and guidance, the concept of using golf as a framework for developing life skills is certain to touch the lives of many people.


Dan has a very unique gift for building real connections with strangers. He’s a great communicator and an even better listener. His passion for golf and helping others succeed is infectious.



Dan has been great with my boys! He’s very patient and keeps it fun for them. He’s also teaching them some great life lessons which will serve them well as they get older

Questionnaire Is Therapeutic Golf for me?

1. Do I have an interest in golf and learning to have more fun playing the game?

2. Do I have an interest in discovering more about myself? 

3. Do I have a desire for self improvement? 

4. Do I have any activities designed to help me become the best version of myself?

5. Do I have a plan for overcoming the stress and anxiety of everyday life?

6. Do I have a method for effectively exercising Patience? 

7. Do I have an interest in becoming more aware of my emotions and how they impact my daily decision making process? 

8. Do I have methods for measuring my progress and analyzing strengths and weaknesses? 

9. Do I know who I am, what I want for myself, where I’m going, how I’m going to get there and who I want to go there with? 

10. Do I have a desire to change?

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