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Developing Patience

Updated: May 10, 2021

I'd argue that playing golf is certain to provide one with unlimited opportunities to further develop patience on the course. More importantly, the development of patience on the course will increase the likelihood of individuals using patience for more practical purposes in everyday life.

Growing your tool box

Developing patience is essential for individual growth. Patience is the opposite of “immediate gratification.” Our society has conditioned us to be impatient and seek out immediate gratification within most of our interactions or circumstances. There are so many aspects of life where a little more patience would likely produce better, more fulfilling outcomes. However, it’s well understood that a lack of patience can easily produce negative outcomes and in some cases penalizing consequences.

A good example of where patience could be used more effectively is with relationships. I’ve never known anyone who didn’t seek to have good, healthy and meaningful relationships. However, I’ve known many people who wanted those attributes in relationships, but routinely had trouble discovering them. I’ve found when it comes to building healthy relationships, it’s essential that one have a clearly defined understanding of themselves. People must know who they are, what they want, where they’re going, how they’re going to get there and who they want to go there with before they’re truly ready to develop the deep, meaningful relationships they seek. Having that understanding of yourself allows individuals to more easily identify others with similar interests for which to build more meaningful relationships.

Developing the understanding of oneself takes a lot of time, self reflection, life experience and the necessary patience for self discovery. Because so many people are seeking meaningful relationships without a clear understanding of themselves, those people are more likely to find themselves in relationships that leave them unfulfilled, relationships that create more stress and discomfort and include more consequences. Being more patient with yourself and taking the time to understand who you are and what you’re looking for will increase the likelihood of discovering more meaningful relationships.

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