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Do you have a method for measuring your progress? How frequently do you critically analyze your methods and effort toward becoming the person you want to be? Are you brutally honest with yourself when analyzing progress or regression? Too many people do not have a well defined process for measuring their progress accurately. More importantly, too many people are not brutally honest with themselves regarding their effort and progress. As a result, such behavior is more likely to produce inaccurate evaluations of strengths, weaknesses and growth. Consequently, those individuals are more likely to experience undesirable outcomes with greater frequency.

It’s not uncommon for many people to become comfortable assuming their abilities and effort are where they need to be to achieve desirable outcomes regularly. Having methods to accurately measure growth, progress and for identifying areas of improvement is essential for people who are looking to increase the frequency with which they experience desirable outcomes. Developing a habit of closely monitoring one’s behavior is critical for collecting data and for the purpose of identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. If people do not make a habit of being brutally honest with themselves, any collected data will never be accurate. As a result, those people are more likely to underestimate the size of the job and overestimate their ability to get it done.

Becoming brutally honest with yourself is an acquired skill. However, some people have developed a habit of exaggerating the truth; both in what they tell themselves and in what they speak to others. We all have experiences and it’s not uncommon for many people to exaggerate the truth for the purpose of telling more vibrant, colorful and passionate stories about their experiences. In all likelihood, much of the exaggerations are not intentionally deceptive, but rather unintentional and done unconsciously. General storytelling is one thing when people are shooting the breeze with their friends. However, when it comes to self improvement, personally or professionally, becoming consciously aware of any such behaviors and developing the skill of being brutally honest with yourself is essential for the purpose of collecting and analyzing data accurately.

For those people who don’t already have well defined methods for measuring progress, analyzing behaviors and intentionally stretching their comfort zone for the purpose of personal growth, when played by the rules, Golf can open the floodgates when it comes to self discovery. For those people who already have the “Growth Mindset” and understand the value of a well defined process for improvement; if you’ve never considered Golf as a path for self discovery and improvement, feel free to reach out. Let’s have a discussion...

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