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Therapeutic Golf is a mobile service and we’re happy to meet at your course and work on the range. However, for those of you who may be interested in developing some basic skills, we can meet at any park and utilize our “Mobile Range” if you prefer to have a more private lesson. We understand that being on a range and performing in public can bring its 

own set of stressors. At Therapeutic Golf we want this process to be fun, stress free and productive.


Therapeutic Golf is not designed to make you a golf champion. While it can certainly help with the mental aspects of the game, contribute to your success on the course and in everyday life, Therapeutic Golf is not designed to fine tune the competitive golf swing. Our mission is to introduce the game in a comfortable setting and develop a swing that will allow you to have fun on the course. Additionally, Therapeutic Golf uses the game as a framework for the development behaviors that are generally accepted to produce more long term mental health benefits.

Success in life is a long term commitment. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, self awareness and the willingness to develop and improve your skills. Golf is a game that very few people can just “pick it up” and be successful. Success in golf requires a lot of effort, dedication, self awareness and a willingness to develop and improve your skills. Life is very much a mental game. Those who haven’t developed the necessary tools and skills to manage life’s everyday stressors can use golf as a controlled environment to sharpen their skills and grow their “toolbox” for the purpose of navigating obstacles more efficiently and with less effort.


Therapeutic Golf is not limited to face to face interactions and training. Some of you may not need a lot of help with the physical aspects of developing your game. If your focus is strictly the mental aspect and you can implement the methods and strategies on your own, we’re happy to maintain a distant working relationship. Therapeutic Golf is excited to help you customize training sessions that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Therapeutic Golf will be hosting many mental health related discussions with members from around the Phoenix Metro community. This is an opportunity for regular people to participate in meaningful discussions where people can learn, contribute, share their truths, be vulnerable and cleanse themselves of insecurities, negativity and ego driven behaviors in a controlled environment. Every emotion and behavior in life can be found on a golf course. Every discussion will include practical golf methods and strategies designed to strengthen any areas of weakness or sharpen your existing skill set.

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Call or Text: (623) 866-9702


Palm Valley, Goodyear AZ

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