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Communicating Effectively

Updated: May 10, 2021

Communicating effectively can be a challenge for most people. Regardless of whether people can articulate their ideas and deliver their message, the interpretation of their message will depend largely on the perception, perspective and experience of the individual one is communicating with. Additionally, having a very clear understanding of both the self and one’s audience will go a long way to ensuring the message is received in the manner from which it is intended. However, given that so much non verbal communication takes place in every interaction, it’s critical that one be mindful of some key elements taking place within every bit of dialogue

Four essential perspectives people must be mindful of are how they perceive themselves, how they want others to perceive them, how they believe others perceive them and how others actually perceive them to be. When all four of these perspectives are aligned, the likelihood of developing harmony within one’s environment is more likely to improve across the board. However, too frequently people overlook the importance of developing a very specific understanding of themselves and their behavior. As a result, too frequently their words are not aligned with their actions and the message becomes ambiguous. This misalignment can have a big impact on how others perceive one to be. Developing a specific understanding of the self will allow for one’s actions and words to become more aligned and for their messages to be better received; some might refer to this as “authenticity” or “being real.”

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